Slow money

The Slow Money movement aims to “bring money down to earth” by linking local food initiatives with local investors. Nationally, over $45 million has been invested into 450 small food enterprises around the United States. Twenty-four local networks and 13 investment clubs have formed. We speak with representatives of several different groups in Vermont that are dedicated to investing locally and making money slowly. (March 9, 2016 broadcast)

Will Belongia, Vermont Community Loan Fund 

Jeannine Kilbride, Cobb Hill Frozen Yogurt

Eric Becker, Slow Money Vermont and Clean Yield Asset Management

Janice Shade, Milk Money Vermont

Stopping cervical cancer; Vt Community Loan Fund, 12-4-13


Investing in the future: August Burns and Jane Dale discuss how Grounds for Health, a small international nonprofit organization based in Waterbury, Vt., has pioneered a low-cost way to screen and treat cervical cancer, the #1 killer of women in developing countries. And … Continue reading