Waterbury’s Good Neighbor: Rev. Peter Plagge

We dedicate our last show of 2015 to going beyond the headlines to talk with folks on the frontlines of working with some of the most vulnerable Vermonters. For 15 years, Rev. Peter Plagge has been pastor of the Waterbury Congregational Church and director of the Waterbury Good Neighbor Fund, an emergency financial resources for Waterbury area residents. He talks about the hidden face of poverty, how to help, and the power of listening.

Rev. Peter Plagge, pastor, Waterbury Congregational Church, Director, Waterbury Good Neighbor Fund

Vermont 2 Years After Tropical Storm Irene, 8-28-2013

Reflections on the aftermath of a disaster from Peter Edlund, disaster reconstruction supervisor; Larry Straus, Rochester selectman; Jeremy Ayers, Waterbury resident and potter; and Rev. Peter Plagge, pastor of the Waterbury Congregational Church and administrator of the Waterbury Good Neighbor Fund.