Vermont’s child care crisis

When it comes to finding child care in Vermont, the numbers tell a stark story:

  • 70% of Vermont kids have all available parents in the workforce
  • 80% of infants and toddlers likely to need child care in Vermont do not have access to high-quality programs
  • 90% of Vermont families cannot afford high-quality child care

A group of providers and parents share their stories about the crisis
and solutions around child care. (October 31, 2018 broadcast — NO AUDIO)

Aly Richards, CEO, The Permanent Fund for Vermont’s Children 

Emily Blisstein, Director of Business Strategy, The Permanent Fund for Vermont’s Children

Joanna Scott, Development Director, YWCA Vermont

Faye Longo, Outreach Coordinator, Vermont Food Bank 

The New Face of Hunger in Vermont, 4-16-14


John Sayles, CEO of the Vermont Foodbank, Rob Meehan, director of the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf, and Charles Knoll, a client of the food shelf, discuss the perfect storm of rising hunger and declining donations nationally and locally, and the need for a … Continue reading