Can universal health care work in Vermont?

Following the collapse of Gov. Shumlin’s single payer health effort in 2014, what is the future of universal health care in Vermont? Dr. Deb Richter, past president of Physicians for a National Health Program and president of Vermont Health Care for All, discusses how universal primary care can be a first step towards universal coverage. And she weighs in on national plans for Medicare for All. (April 17, 2019 broadcast)

Dr. Deb Richter, president, Vermont Health Care for All, past president, Physicians for a National Health Program

The road to universal health care in Vermont, 3-26-2014

Mark Larson, commissioner of the Vermont Dept. of Health Access, talks about Vermont Health Connect and the larger need for universal health care. Peter Sterling, executive director of Vermont Leads, a nonprofit organization working towards a universal, publicly
funded single payer health care system in Vermont, discusses the history and
status of Vermont’s struggle for universal health care.