Surviving the Shark Tank; Skiing and climate change, 12-18-13

David Glickman, owner of Vermont Butcher Block and Board Co., talks about surviving rejection when he asked for money on the ABC TV show “Shark Tank,” and Janice St. Onge, president of the the Vermont Flex Fund, talks about the financial lifeline and socially responsible investment the Flex Fund made in Vt. Butcher Block. In the second half, Porter Fox, author of Deep: The Story ofSkiing and the Future of Snow, talks about his global journey to explore the impact of climate change on skiing.

Surviving the Shark Tank: Liz Lovely & Vermont Flex Fund, 7/10/13

Dan Holtz, co-owner of Liz Lovely, Vermont-based baker of gluten-free cookies, discusses how he and his wife Liz survived Shark Tank, the ABC reality TV show on which they made a pitch to raise $200,000 for their growing business. Janice St. Onge, president of the VSJF Flexible Capital Fund explains why they chose to invest in Liz Lovely.