Has the time come for paid family leave?

Paid family leave — passed by the Vermont Legislature in 2018 ,only to be vetoed by Gov. Phil Scott — is back on the front burner. Gov. Scott has proposed a voluntary two-state program with New Hampshire, and the legislature has countered with mandatory paid leave. Why does paid family leave matter? Can the two sides bridge the gap to pass paid family leave in 2019? (January 23, 2019 broadcast)

Should children have equal rights to thrive?

One fourth of Vermont kids live in households where no parent has full-time, year-round employment. Thirty percent of children live in households spending a third or more of their income on housing. And 7 percent of young people ages 16 to 19 are neither attending school nor working. These are some of the facts addressed by Voices for Vermont Children. We discuss the state of children in Vermont and the fight for equity of opportunity for all children. (November 7, 2018 broadcast — NO AUDIO)

Michelle Fay, Executive Director, Voices for Vermont’s Children