Fighting poverty with literacy and energy efficiency: Duncan McDougall

Duncan McDougall is the founder of Waterbury Local Energy Action Partnership (LEAP) and founder and executive director of Children’s Literacy Foundation (CLiF). LEAP’s energy fair, held each April, has grown to be the largest in Vermont, drawing over 700 people, and thanks to a LEAP campaign, Waterbury, VT has quadrupled its number of solar installations. McDougall discusses his passion for clean energy and literacy. (April 3, broadcast)

Duncan McDougall, founder, Waterbury LEAP and Children’s Literacy Foundation

Literacy and adult learning in Vermont, 11-6-13


Four guests discuss literacy and school dropout in Vermont and what is being done about it. Pixie Loomis and Ethan Maurer from Vermont Adult Learning (VAL); Roger Sweet, a retired logger who learned to read at age 60, and Calvin … Continue reading