College for the 99%: New paths to a college education

Vermont students can now take two free college courses while in high school and enroll in a full year of college classes during their senior year of high school, thus saving a year of college tuition. These are some of the many new ways that college is becoming accessible and affordable to Vermonters. To discuss the new choices available for secondary education, including online education and new programs in renewable energy, nursing, STEM, and how VTC has achieved a 96% job placement rate, we speak with:

Joyce Judy, president, Community College of Vermont 

Dan Smith, president, Vermont Technical College

Back to School: Diverse paths to college, 8-21-2013

Joyce Judy, president of Community College of Vermont, and Barbara Murphy, president of Johnson State College, discuss who attends college today, the diverse paths to a college degree, how to afford it, and whether it’s worth it.