Vermont’s RNC delegates on the “extremely successful” presidency of Donald Trump and Democratic responsibility for coronavirus deaths

A half dozen Vermont delegates to the Republican National Convention (RNC) traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina this week join 330 other Republican delegates representing 50 states, six territories and Washington, D.C., to renominate Donald Trump as their candidate for president. They discuss why they believe Donald Trump has been “extremely successful,” their claim that Democrats are responsible for most coronavirus deaths and that the virus spread from China through “negligence or a deliberate act,” and why a majority of Vermonters do not support Trump.

Deb Billado, chair, Vermont Republican Party, delegate, Republican National Convention

Jay Shepard, national committeeman, Vermont Republican Party, vice chair, Republican National Committee, delegate, Republican National Convention

Anya Tynio, RNC delegate, Republican candidate for Congress in Vermont, 2018, 2020

Janssen Willhoit, RNC delegate, former Vermont state representative, Republican candidate for Vermont attorney general, 2018

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