Are interns the solution to VT worker shortage?

Vermont now has the lowest unemployment rate in the country (2%). That’s good news, but the bad news is that Vermont employers are struggling to find help. Meanwhile, many college graduates are pondering their future. Internships may unite these employers and employees. A recent study by the Vermont Futures Project suggests that internships are under-utilized. We speak with reps from VBSR’s Vermont Intern Program, Champlain College, employers and  interns to learn who is offering paid internships, how issues of equity are being addressed and how employers and employees can turn internships into jobs.

Samantha Sheehan, communications manager, Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility, Vermont Intern Program

Pat Boera, associate director, Career Collaborative, Champlain College

Patrick Dansereau, intern at Vermont Mutual, Champlain College, Class of 2020 

Blaise Schroedersecker, intern supervisor, Vermont Mutual

Molly Aldrich, intern at Suncommon, Champlain College, Class of 2020

Molly Bisulca, intern supervisor, Suncommon

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