Can we save the planet? The many faces of the climate change movement

On the eve of the People’s Climate March in New York City, we speak with people involved in fighting climate change on different fronts:

Bill McKibben, author, activist, founder,, on building a global movement

Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin, on what VT is doing to move to renewable fuel sources and his view on fossil fuel divestment

Jonathan Lash, president, Hampshire College, on being one of the first colleges to divest of fossil fuel stocks

Clayton Thomas-Muller, co-director, Indigenous Tar Sands Campaign, organizer with Idle No More, on native resistance


  1. Maren Vasatka

    David, You refer to Natural Gas as a renewable. Why would a fossil fuel like Natural Gas be consdiered renewable? Please explain this.

    • David

      Thanks for catching this — that was my error.

  2. Annette Smith

    Did I really hear David Goodman include natural gas as “renewable” along with wind and solar?

  3. Where is a voice for moving away from the #1 contributor to climate change, animal agriculture?

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